This coming November, Tucson voters will have the opportunity to vote on several topics slated to increase their out of pocket expenses: We can vote to increase the salaries of a city management team that has yet to figure out how to manage the City budget, pensions or a transit system. Or, we can vote for several school district cost overrides for districts that have yet to figure out that, just maybe, the way to balance their budgets might be to have a few less administrators. OR we can vote to pay $0.0050 (1/2 cent) more for non-food/non-service purchases to help send a few thousand children to pre-school, where they just might learn to read well enough to graduate high school and become contributing members of society, thereby increasing streams of revenue for everyone. Think about it. Which would you prefer to spend your money on?

Melinda Collins-Knick


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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