This has become a "race to the bottom" as we have become so concerned about government waste that we no longer are willing to compensate those who have been educated on how to teach our children. I have a degree in economics, but I know nothing about child development or how to convey those ideas to the children of our state. As much as our state would like to delegitimize a degree in teaching, I can comfortably say I would not have accomplished what I did without the teachers who took the time to exercise their craft. I also am not under the delusion that the meager salaries that those who spent years studying to pursue their passion would be better served by those who sought others goals but found themselves in a classroom ill prepared instead. Lets call this what it is, an avenue to compensate those who teach children less and setting the playing field for the profit driven schools that are lobbying the politicians in our state.

Eric Hathaway

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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