Mr. Spitler did not like Mr. Gabaldon's article about Mexico's role in America's independence, and Mr. Spitler insinuates that Mr. Gabaldon may "directly teach to our children with this attitude that cannot be withheld." Fortunately for students everywhere, Mr. Gabaldon is aware of persuasive argument techniques (as well as history). Of course Mr. Gabaldon expresses his "attitude" in a guest opinion - that's the point of an opinion piece. Mr. Gabaldon is also a professional educator, and like all professionals, he is able to perform his work as a TUSD teacher with integrity, regardless of politics. As a proud fellow TUSD teacher, I find Mr. Spitler's insinuations uninformed and unfortunate. Teachers deserve respect and admiration, regardless of political beliefs. I can only hope Mr. Spitler isn't too blinded by his own political beliefs to appreciate the work and art of Tucson's educators.

Jennifer Flagg


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