I was happily reading Sunday’s Star article written by Salvador Gabaldon on Mexico’s role in US Independence when the author winds up his article by dissing our President. As he summarizes where our history books might be giving short shrift to France, Spain, and colonial Mexico, he makes the following statement.. “That may not matter much to someone as ignorant of history as our president…” Why was this important to Mr. Gabaldon that he felt the need to make this comment? How is this helpful to the story that he was presenting to us? I was in a learning mode until that statement.

Mr. Gabaldon doesn’t know how much history our President knows, and obviously doesn’t know much about President Trump; likely only what his compatriots write in the media. I suppose this teacher of the Culturally Relevant Department of TUSD didn’t vote for Trump. I can only hope he doesn’t teach directly to our children with this attitude that cannot be withheld.

John Spitler

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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