Re study: Motorists less likely to stop for minority pedestrians. A UA professor is part of a study that initially says minority pedestrians wait longer to cross streets.

Bill Linebarger: You don’t need a yellow legal pad and a No. 2 pencil to figure that out.

Steve King: What a stupid study. More racial divide.

Morris Bacon: In Arizona you are lucky to make it across the crosswalk alive no matter what you look like!

Jeffrey Stone: Are Hispanic and black drivers behaving the same as white drivers towards minorities?

Rachael Diana Kale: Did anyone actually read the study? It was set up to fail, comically low pool and perimeters.

Berni SantaMaria: I could’ve told you that in the 1990s when I went to UA as a Native American student. It was always when I was crossing alone that I had to wait for what seemed like forever, but if I was with a group of Euro-American students, it was always easier to cross quickly.

Robert Porter: Does everything have to be about race now?

Tara Smith Gonzales: Why was this even a study? Who cares?

Todd Fedoruk: Without stating the racial makeup of the drivers in reporting the study, it’s disingenuous to claim a racial bias.

Ramon E. Cota I almost got run over one morning while walking by a lady in a van and I had the walk light. Lucky there was a DPS officer in a patrol car right at the intersection and he caught her.

Jim Kelly: Younger kids seem to be the worst jaywalking offenders. They just dare you to hit them.