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Opinion did not represent the UA

Re: the March 28 guest opinion "Peak oil scenario paints frightening future for all."

This opinion in no way represents the view of the School of Natural Resources or the University of Arizona's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Guy McPherson erred in identifying himself with the school and university, when in fact this article should have been submitted as a private citizen without any reference to his state employer.

I certainly defend his right as a private citizen to express his opinion, but the piece was obviously not reviewed by a panel of scientific peers and would not meet the university's standards of scientific objectivity needed to be considered in any way as a view of the university. Unfortunately, many readers may not readily make the distinction between opinions expressed by a private citizen and objective comments made by university scientists as part of their research and outreach work.

Eugene G. Sander

Vice president, university outreach dean, college of agriculture and life sciences, University of Arizona, Tucson

Good to hear about good kids

Re: the March 29 article "Three excel in their fields."

Thanks for the sports articles on the high school kids. It is nice to see these kids working hard and doing what's right today. I enjoy reading about them.

Dana Mehen

Retired, Tucson

Star neglected an important event

I have been surprised that there has been no coverage of the National Conference on Migrants held this week at First Christian Church. There have been representatives in attendance from all over the United States, as well as from Mexico, and great speakers and videos that brought issues to those in attendance that opened minds to this problem. I'm sorry more people were not at the conference, and there was no coverage by Star.

Mary Workman

Retired minister, Tucson

Always hike with a buddy

Re: the March 29 article "Boulder injures 2 teen hikers in Catalinas."

As an avid hiker myself, I was glad to read that the buddy system worked. There are so many stories of people lost in the mountains and not found at all, and a story about a young man who had to cut off his own arm. It was nice to read about teens working together and everyone coming home safely.

Hiking alone is always a bad practice. Why doesn't everyone enjoy this activity with someone else? After all, you never know what can happen.

Alberto Mayer

Aircraft mechanic, Tucson