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Is Miller correct about ’06 RTA election?

Re: the Oct. 20 article “Opinion supports hand count for verification in bond election.”

In your front page story of Oct. 20, the writers quote Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller regarding the 2006 Regional Transportation Authority election: “There never was any verification of that election.”

The writers go on to say the election results of the election were contested numerous times in court and survived all challenges. Sounds like another story waiting to be written here? Miller is a vocal and frequent critic of Pima County. Is she correct or not?

Paul Mercer

Oro Valley

Streetcar needs easier fare system

On the streetcar, I’ve noticed probably more than half of the riders are not paying. But, it’s not the lack of riders paying that’s the problem, it’s the lack of paying riders.

If we are going to accurately understand how our transit systems are being used, and allocate our money appropriately, we need accurate statistics.

An easier-to-use fare system would go a long way toward encouraging use and ensuring compliance. The problems with Sun Link are a real impediment to having an efficient, fair, and well-used public transit system in Tucson.

Joe Plassmann


GOP has veiled contempt for State

I am a retired foreign service officer (diplomat) with 27 years of service in the Department of State, serving in some of the world’s most dangerous places.

I was saddened by the GOP’s shedding of crocodile tears over the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other three Americans in Benghazi during the televised hearings last Thursday.

I took care of Republican congressmen and their staffs many times. They usually demonstrated thinly veiled contempt for the State Department and diplomats.

Repeated Republican cuts to the State Department budget over decades deprived State of resources it needed to provide proper security in Benghazi.

The deaths of diplomatic personnel in Benghazi served Republican purposes by providing a way of attacking Secretary Hillary Clinton and derailing her presidential bid.

Otherwise, they would have shown the same indifference they demonstrated previously when diplomats were killed in the line of duty.

Jon Dorschner


Value of fundraising disclosures questioned

Re: the Oct. 21 article “McSally’s campaign fundraising eclipses that of potential rivals.”

The item spoke of District 2 Congresswoman Martha McSally, a Republican, having bested her Democratic challengers, Victoria Steele and Matt Heinz.

No, she did not win the election, but has, as of that date, raised three times the amount of money as they in her bid for re-election.

The article went on to list the financial “score” of the candidates in Districts 1 and 3.

Has the amount of money raised become the standard that reflects the skills needed to represent constituents or effectively respond to our nation’s issues? I hope not. I also question the value of reporting this type of information.

Michael Holloway

East side

Proof that red-light cameras work

Re: John Kromko’s Oct. 21 guest column “It’s time to put a stop sign on ineffective red light cameras.”

He states that there is no independent study that shows that red light cameras” reduce accidents. For 17 years I drove across town from the Broadway and Houghton Road-area to Grant and Silverbell roads.

Prior to the cameras I saw an average of two T-bone accidents a week. After the cameras were installed it was about two times a month.

Yes, I used all four crosstown streets and yes, I was ticketed by the camera. Empirical evidence shows the cameras do reduce accidents thereby increasing safety.

Richard Patterson

East side