The following letters are in response to the June 2 article "Ronstadt: Dust drove me away."

Comments insult true Tucsonans

The comments by Linda Ronstadt when she was here in Tucson are very insulting to us who live here year-round and like it. I am a native Californian, born and raised there. If you want to talk about a place that has changed, I cannot even recognize most places now from when I was growing up there.

As far as her comment that everyone would leave Tucson in the summer if they could, she is wrong. I have a choice and I choose to stay all year. She is just like so many others who take advantage of our wonderful weather, and then they are off to wherever the heck they are from at the first sign of some real desert weather.

If she does not like playing at casinos, what is she doing here? There are lots of other casinos. Oh, but maybe they don't want her.

Kathy Allred

Retired, Tucson

Ronstadt should donate for dust

I think Linda Ronstadt must think Tucson should have stayed stuck in the 1960s. Maybe Tucson planners haven't done a good job in predicting the future of this city when it comes to roads, but everyone knew Tucson would be growing, maybe even at a faster pace than it has done.

Maybe Ronstadt should donate what she makes in this casino concert to a Tucson organization that needs it; maybe to someone who can control the dust.

Chuck Mellon


Singer should stay in San Francisco

This is the second time recently that Linda Ronstadt has ripped Tucson, including the casino where she's going to perform. If Tucson is so unpleasant, I think it's time for her to pack up and stay in San Francisco.

Bill Culman

Realtor, Tucson