Elaine and Ira Schneider of Tucson will be experiencing the total solar eclipse Monday but from tens of thousands of feet in the air.

They will be on an Alaska Airlines plane that will fly passengers over the Pacific Ocean on Monday to see the eclipse.

“We, and the other guests on this flight, will be the first people in the country to observe this spectacular event,” said Elaine.

The flight will take off from Portland, Oregon, and fly 1,000 miles west over the Pacific Ocean to intercept totality.

The two are the parents of Glenn Schneider, an astronomer at the University of Arizona, who has witnessed more than 30 total solar eclipses.

Unlike Glenn, who said he has no single favorite eclipse experience, they do.

In 1980, they stayed in the Treetops Hotel in Kenya and were surrounded by roaming African wildlife.

When the sun was hidden by the moon and went dark, the animals went to sleep. Minutes later, when the sun returned, the animals woke up in a loud state of confusion, said Elaine.

Like their son, they have been infected with the thrill of a total eclipse. This is the couple’s sixth eclipse excursion.

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