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Venezuelans do not believe hyperinflation will stop

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During an optimistic state of the nation address last weekend, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced that 5 years of hyperinflation that has blighted the country has been brought to an end and that the economy is rebounding. "It was the lowest inflation since 2015 the inflation of last December. This makes us optimistic that we have overcome the burdens of hyperinflation" Despite overcoming hyperinflation, Venezuela still has the world's highest inflation with 2021 annual rate closing at 686.4 percent. While Maduro's positive take on the economy rebounding a large part of the population does not see this reflected in their own personal situation. Venezuela is also the country with one of the lowest salaries in the world with a minimum wage of less than 5 dollars a month. Low salaries have made Venezuelans find other options to make a living outside public or private companies.

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