UK Supreme Court is site of high drama

LONDON — The British government and its opponents faced off Tuesday at the U.K. Supreme Court in a high-stakes legal drama over Brexit that will determine whether new Prime Minister Boris Johnson broke the law by suspending Parliament at a crucial time ahead of Britain’s impending departure from the European Union.

As pro-EU and pro-Brexit protesters exchanged shouts outside the court building on London’s Parliament Square, the government’s opponents argued that Johnson illegally shut down Parliament weeks before the country is due to leave the 28-nation bloc for the “improper purpose” of dodging lawmakers’ scrutiny of his Brexit plans.

They also accused Johnson of misleading Queen Elizabeth II, whose formal approval was needed to suspend the legislature.

The government countered that, under Britain’s largely unwritten constitution, the suspension was a matter for politicians, not the courts.


Preparations ongoing for Hurricane HumbertoOfficials in Bermuda said Tuesday that schools, public transportation and government offices on the British Atlantic territory will close early ahead of the likely arrival of Hurricane Humberto as a Category 2 storm.

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Officials said tropical storm-force winds were expected to start hitting Bermuda, with hurricane-force gusts, starting around 3 p.m. Wednesday and lasting until about 4 a.m. Thursday.

A small shift in track could bring the storm itself over the island.

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