● People named in the 9/11 report with ties to the state:

The Tucson connection

● Hani Hanjour: Piloted American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon. He attended the UA, studying English in 1991. He also lived in Mesa and took aviation classes in Scottsdale.

l Mubarak al Duri: A native of Iraq who lived in Tucson in the late 1980s. He procured weapons of mass destruction for Osama bin Laden.

● Muhammad Bayazid: Lived in Tucson at one time. He was an arms procurer and trainer for al-Qaida.

● Wadi el-Hage: Was believed to be bin Laden's personal assistant. Federal officials say there was evidence el-Hage helped a man who was conducting surveillance on Muslim Sheik Rashad Khalifa, who was assassinated in Tucson in 1990. He is serving a life prison term for his part in the bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa.

● Wa'el Jelaidan: Co-founded al-Qaida with bin Laden in the late '80s. State records show he was president of the Islamic Center of Tucson from 1984 to '85. He left Tucson in 1986 and was believed to have gone to Afghanistan to help repel the Soviet Union's invasion.

● Muhammad Al-Qudhai'een: Was a UA student before 9/11. He was handcuffed and removed from an America West Airlines jet in Columbus, Ohio, after jiggling the cockpit door in 1999. He later sued the airline, but the lawsuit was dismissed. He was deported to Saudi Arabia.

The Arizona connection

● Nawaf Al-Hazmi: A 9/11 hijacker on the plane that hit the Pentagon. He lived with Hanjour in Mesa in 2000 and 2001.

● Salem al-Hazmi: May be Nawaf Al-Hazmi's brother, but that isn't certain.

● Abdullah Rayed Abdullah or Rayed Mohammed Abdullah: A former roommate of Hanjour's. He attended flight school in Arizona and was a leader at the Islamic Cultural Center of Phoenix.

● Bandar al-Hazmi: Lived with Hanjour in Mesa and attended language school with him in Florida. Also, al-Hazmi trained at Arizona Aviation with Hanjour.

● Faisal Al-Salmi: Was convicted in February 2002 of lying to the FBI when he denied knowing Hanjour. He and Hanjour were registered at the same time to use a flight simulator at a Phoenix flight school.

● Ghassen al Sharbi: Studied at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott. He was captured in March 2002 in Pakistan with a senior al-Qaida official.

● Hamdan Alshalawi or Hamdan Al-Shalawi: An ASU student, he was with Muhammad Al-Qudhai'een when they were removed from an America West jet in 1999 after touching the cockpit door.

● Hamed al-Sulami: Lived in Tempe in 1999 and 2000. He was an associate of Hanjour's in Arizona, and the FBI said he had telephone contact with Sulayman al Alwan, a radical Saudi cleric from Qassim province who may have had a role in recruiting hijackers.

● Malek Seif: Knew Hanjour from a mosque in Tempe and practiced piloting on a flight simulator in Phoenix. He has been convicted in Phoenix of fraud and using a false identity.

l Zakaria Soubra: A former Prescott aviation student. He was an Arizona recruiter for a militant Islamic group and was named in a pre-Sept. 11 FBI memo written by an FBI agent. He was arrested on a visa violation and deported to Lebanon in May 2003, after testifying to a federal grand jury in Virginia.

● Reporter Enric Volante contributed to this story.