A few weeks ago, I knew I needed to leave town for almost two weeks. I decided I did not want to leave my car outside in the triple digits and the sun! I had not flown in over three years...so I went onto, NextDoor.com and posted a quick note. I asked if anyone knew the best options for a car service, from Marana to the Tuscon Airport. Within minutes, strangers were posting their ideas. So sweet! Within another few minutes, long time friends and neighbors (who were out of town at the time) saw my post online and TEXTED me, ~WHEN DO YOU NEED A RIDE? We are taking you and picking you up.~ My eyes immediately filled up with tears. Their kindness and generosity completely filled my heart. But then again, they are total ANGELS! I hope they read this... :) For now, I will not say their names, they are so modest. Thank you, SO MUCH Angels!

Amy Kuld


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