There have been two many killings of offenders by police that have been antagonized that can easily be reduced.

Use a Star Trek like weapon which paralyzes first before shooting the offender with a gun.

This will require a better engineered taser. one that is organized like the type of device that is used to immobilize large animals plus a device built into the taser to automatically call for a backup medical police team.

Some of these devices may be designed to operate like air riffle dart guns designedt o immobilize with chemicals, and perhaps in the future engineers may be able to design a high voltage dart that will do the same job.

The type of job the officer is doing would determine the type of non-lethal weapon he would carry.

At night a billy club with a high intensity light on the end of it may be also useful at times to temporary blind an offender.

John Bonar

North side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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