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Letter: $15 Minimum Wage is NOT as Easy as it Sounds

Letter: $15 Minimum Wage is NOT as Easy as it Sounds

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Re: the Feb. 12 letter "If $15 is too much, who is to blame?."

The letter writer wrote that “a doubling of the minimum wage does not mean the cost of your hamburger must double.” It seems the author left out discussion of some items. A rise in the minimum wage to $15 is only a 25% rise to Arizona’s $12 minimum but he doesn’t consider an equivalent rise in business costs such as rent, raw materials, utilities, insurance, maintenance and advertising. What about the additional costs of raising wages of other employees who have advanced from $10 an hour to near $15? Employers will raise the pay of experienced employees above that of the newbies! In AZ, we can expect the cost of most everything to rise by up to 25% with a 25% rise in minimum wage. What about AZ’s many folks on fixed incomes? What about the resultant significant economic inflation? Want a raise? Earn it by learning (education, experience and hard work)!

Charles Shultheis


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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