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Candidates for president must show that they are not only physically fit, but also mentally stable.

Some accept that a self described “Stable Genius” is by definition fit to be handed the nuclear football.

I think otherwise; I mistrust anyone vain enough to self-describe as a “Stable Genius”. I might announce so when drinking beer with my friends; it is quite different for a President to announce it to the nation and a world containing enemies, friends, and those sitting on the fence. Many recipients of the message might see a self-described “Stable Genius” as neither stable nor a genius.

Current events show that we must demand that candidates with such power undergo psychological screening! If the President is at the top of the command chain, it is common sense that psychological testing should at least be equal to what the military does for the recipients of those commands!

Michael Burdoo

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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