The facts are damning: Trump withheld funds from Ukraine, using his stooges to tell the Ukrainians that the aid would come only if the Ukrainian president himself publicly announced investigations into a (bogus) investigation into (nonexistent) crimes involving the son of Trump's political rival.

Yet, Republicans either plug their ears, or out-and-out claim that even with all of this proved, it was fine. For those who don't understand how this is corruption, please imagine: how would you react if, in 2015, then-President Obama phoned President Xi of China, and said "we will give you 5 million dollars of aid, and an oval office meeting with Obama, once you get on CNN and announce that you are investigating Trump's children committing money laundering in China." Republicans: look in the mirror and see if you can say with a straight face that you would not be outraged and call for impeachment and removal.

Brandon Espinosa


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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