Letter: All Hail Emperor Trump

Letter: All Hail Emperor Trump

The peasants who dared to attempt to rein in the all powerful master of the Oval Office with something as petty as that antiquated US Constitution, have been vanquished. That rogue, Adam Shiff and his henchmen were defeated by the Royal Guard stationed in the Senate to protect his majesty from useless concerns like the rule of law meant to apply to lesser beings.

To be certain that nothing touches the Emperor, Count No-Account Barr, who swore allegiance to the Emperor with many others, is standing by to mete out Justice to anyone named by his majesty and Fox News.

Traitors, who gave what the Emperor declared to be false witness, were banished from the Palace at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Now the Emperor travels his domain, visiting his subjects, inciting unrest and fear for the future unless they continue their unquestioned loyalty and support.

Dave Gllicksman

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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