Letter: Arizonans should oppose the Lake Powell Pipeline

Letter: Arizonans should oppose the Lake Powell Pipeline

The Colorado River is one of Arizona's most important sources of water. Due to the mega-drought, some of these water deliveries have been reduced and caused economic hardship. Meanwhile, the federal Bureau of Reclamation is pushing for approval of the controversial Lake Powell Pipeline (LPP) before President Trump may leave office in January. The Bureau released a biased environmental statement that fails to analyze water conservation alternatives. Washington County Utah would receive the LPP water and it refuses to adopt reasonable water conservation measures. This county has an average gallons per capita day of 302, nearly three times that of Tucson's 122. Arizona permits are needed before the LPP could be built. Arizona should not grant these permits because the LPP would reward water waste, risk billions of public dollars, and possibly violate the Colorado River Compact by transferring upper basin water for a lower basin use. The Colorado River's limited water supplies should be shared equitably among the states, and each state should use their share efficiently.

Richard Spotts


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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