Letter: COVID-19 briefs becoming about Trump

Letter: COVID-19 briefs becoming about Trump

After watching the last few COVID-19 briefings I became more confident that our government was moving in the right direction to curb it's spread. President Donald Trump seems to be listening to the experts and has acted as a commander-in-chief should. I looked past the need for presenters, Vice President Mike Pence in particular, to praise the President at every opportunity. OK, let's give some praise, they are working hard.

Last Thursday's briefing however, devolved into the Trump we have come to know, a thin-skinned narcissist who makes everything about himself. He used the briefing as a platform to air his ongoing grievances against the press, accusing them of lying and siding with the Chinese among others. Meanwhile, experts whom we should hear from squirmed in the background on national television. Who should we believe, a free press with it's flaws or a habitual liar? Briefings are about presenting facts, not about him.

bob tarpchinoff

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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