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Letter: Enough is enough

Letter: Enough is enough

In his own words, in his own e-mail, Donald Trump Jr admits to conspiring with Jared & Paul Manafort to violate US election law - namely, accepting campaign help from a foreign national or government. They thought this was the Russian government, offering them opposition research on Hillary Clinton, They met to get it. The fact that it was not actually helpful does not mean that no crime was committed, because conspiring to break the law and making any overt act toward that violation is a violation in its own right. All three, Don Jr, Jared and Paul are guilty of the conspiracy. Trump has been trying to cover this up. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached for less. This is no joke,. This is no partisan witch hunt. This comes on top of four other legally impeachable offenses, violations of the emoluments clauses and violations of the anti-nepotism act. Republicans who continue to defend a criminal President will suffer at the polls. There is no excusing this.

David P. Vernon

Southwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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