I've learned so much about God in these past three years, thanks to the many Evangelicals who realize the greatness of President Trump. For instance:

That God favors those between borders of special countries and ignores the misery of the outsiders.

That God understands that the GNP and Economy outweigh morals, ethics, and common decency.

That God sees no difference between truth and lies.

That God admires the wealthy and disdains the poor.

That God realizes taking food away from children and seniors is OK as long as the money is provided to buy and extra yacht or vacation home.

That God made a mistake in creating persons of the LGBT community.

That God laughs at adultery as just big boys having fun.

That God made written words in order to promote hate and bigotry.

That God doesn't care about the erosion of the beautiful world as long as oil and money keep flowing.

Boy, was I misinformed before this.

Duane Harpet

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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