The search for a crime sufficient to support impeachment continues. The theory now is that Mr. Trump committed a high crime when he asked the Ukraine for assistance in investigating suspected corruption. The suspected corruption involves Hunter Biden, the vice president’s son obtaining a board seat on a Ukrainian energy company. The younger Biden was paid $50,000 plus per month for a position for which he had no apparent qualifications, other than his connection to the then US VP. The vice president, in turn, is in a video in which he brags of having coerced the Ukrainians, under threat of withholding aid money, to fire the prosecutor who happened to be investigating suspected fraud by the younger Biden’s company. Lot of smoke there suggesting the need to investigate. Yet the president is accused of a crime for pushing the investigation. Apparently, the reasoning goes thus: Political opponents are immune from scrutiny.

Gilmore Tostengard

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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