Re: the Nov. 4 article "Chance opens for Trump to leave Paris climate pact."

While this is concerning, there is hope.

Recently introduced House Resolution 763 would, over time, reduce carbon emissions.

A price of $15 per ton would be placed on fossil fuels with the proceeds of that fee rebated to the citizenry. The fee would increase by $10 each year, thereby providing more household income while simultaneously making carbon emissions more expensive. The slow increase in cost would allow both citizens and business time to switch to less carbon intensive forms of power. Economic modeling of the bill reveals that it would reduce greenhouse emissions by at least 40% in 10 years, would protect most low income households, would provide health benefits and create thousands of new jobs.

It deserves the support of our elected representatives. Please write them and ask them to support it.

Mike Carran

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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