Re: the Nov. 1 letter "Democrats have own quid pro quo schemes."

My thanks to the writer who explained what a Quid Pro Quo means in simple terminology. I think it’s outrageous that candidates running for office lay out their campaign promises in plain English and expect people to VOTE for them on that basis. Unlike Trump who made no campaign promises. Well, now that I think about it, he did promise to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, get rid of Obamacare, rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, ban Muslims, never take a vacation while president, prosecute Clinton, invest more in programs to help military veterans, bring back jobs from China, grow the nation’s economy by at least 6 percent, reduce the national debt, get rid of gun-free zones, provide more funding for drug treatment, deport 11 million immigrants, and triple the number of ICE agents. Like the writer says, those candidates ought to be impeached. Oh wait, the only person in the world that can be impeached is a U.S. President. Oops. Never mind.

Barbara Jones

Oro Valley

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