How dare Trump and his surrogates attempt to sully the outstanding credentials of a military hero because he chose to uphold his oath of office.

I ask this question: Who is the real patriot?

Is it Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, highly decorated war hero who was willing to sacrifice his life by serving in war-torn Iraq and who agreed to testify when he realized his Commander in Chief was attempting to extort the newly elected leader of Ukraine in order to get dirt on a political rival, a matter not of national security but a matter of personal benefit?

Or is it cowardly, serial draft dodger Donald Trump, who won in 2016 with widespread Russian assistance and who, after resuming office, eschewed our country's decades-long relationship with Western Allies in favor of the world's murderous, deceitful despots? The same Donald Trump who in Helsinki astoundingly preferred to believe Putin's lies over the sound assessment of our own intelligence agents?

I ask again: Who is the real patriot?

Gladys Lujan


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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