With all the furor over whether or not Trump has committed any impeachable offenses, reflect back a moment on what did get a President impeached. In the 90's Republicans commissioned Ken Starr to do an extensive investigation on everything Clinton. After several years and many taxpayer dollars, the only inappropriate behavior he found was an extramarital relationship. The President was subpoenaed to appear before Congress and lied about the sexual relationship while under oath in front of Republicans, many of whom were doing the same and worse (eg, Newt Gingrich). Recently Trump stood on the White House lawn and asked for dirt on Joe Biden from both Ukraine and China after he submitted the transcript of his call to the Ukrainian President in which he said, "I need a favor though". Trump claims all the witnesses are lying. It's time for him to come before Congress and testify under oath to show why he should not be impeached.

Trillian Orfner


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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