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Letter: Law Shmaw!

Letter: Law Shmaw!

I was flabbergasted to read Kenneth Larson’s piece in the Jan. 12 Daily Star. Identified as a law professor! Mr. Lasson asserts that Joe Biden should announce in advance that he will pardon not only Trump, but also all of his “ . . . potentially culpable Cabinet or staff members”!

In the wake of the murderous attack on the Capitol last week clearly inspired by Trump, one must ask the reason for this unprecedented leniency.

Why, nothing other than to . . .”assure his supporters that the outgoing president is not a target and help calm tensions”!

That’s right! Law Shmaw! Sedition, incitement to riot, gross abuse of his office as president—that’s pure fiddle fiddle to the professor! Calming tensions is all that matters!

Can Lassen not see that pandering to the mob will only invite more violence and subversion?

A more cowardly, cynical and stupid argument I’ve never heard.

David Steinberg

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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