Re: the Nov. 21 letter "Let voters make final judgment on president."

The letter writer doesn't seem to understand that our elected officials are not playing a game, but rather are doing their level best to follow the mandates of our Constitution, even though there's an election next year. Let's not forget that Speaker Nancy Pelosi wasn't exactly eager to see our country get into formal impeachment hearings. She waited until the evidence was overwhelming that Congress needed to embark on the Constitutionally-mandated process, and only then reluctantly agreed to begin.

It's true that there are many important issues that Congress needs to address, and I'm sure that committees are working on those right now, even as the public's attention is drawn to the impeachment hearings.

As for respecting the president, he has been totally disrespectful to everyone with whom he disagrees; therefore, he has not earned respect.

Aston Bloom

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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