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Letter: No Religion in the Dobbs Opinion (7/27/2022)

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As a retired Tucson attorney, the above letter either totally misses the boat (ignorance) or is a bad joke (willful falsity). The six SCOTUS Justices supporting Dobbs may be tools of the far right, working for them, but they are not stupid. They know the Constitutional separation of state and religion precludes their openly basing Dobbs on religion, so they attack Roe v. Wade as badly decided and construct a new legal "test" to determine what rights Americans have under the Constitution. There is no basis found in the Constitution for this new "test", created to remove rights from Americans that were recognized long ago. Reading the Constitution under this new "test" is a frozen and literal reading, making the Constitution a dead document, and not the living document that our evolving country needs. Ruling that a person begins life immediately upon conception is truly a catholic belief, long held by the Catholic Church, and it is contrary to many other religions. That is why Dobbs is all about religion.

Steve Cox

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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