Letter: Obama and Biden's handling of the Swine flu and Ebola

Letter: Obama and Biden's handling of the Swine flu and Ebola

There is criticism by the Democrat news media and Joe Biden about Trump's handing of the Corona virus. These same people forget how Obama and Biden handled similar virus outbreaks. In April 2009, the Swine flu (H1N1) was detected in the U.S. According to the CDC, this “virus was a unique combination of influenza virus genes never previously identified in either animals or people.” It spread immediately and Obama declared a public health emergency. (Trump declared a Corona Virus public emergency at the end of January and travel restrictions.) There were delays in manufacturing enough vaccine. By June the virus became pandemic. By October, millions of people in the United States had been infected, at least 20,000 were hospitalized and more than 1,000 died, including almost 100 children. On October 24 Obama declared a national health emergency. In 2014 there was the Ebola outbreak, critics saw Obama's federal response to the outbreak as disorganized and timid. There was public dissatisfaction with Obama and questions about his competency.

Juan Santiago

Southwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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