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Letter: Rep. M. Finchem

Letter: Rep. M. Finchem

Rep. M. Finchems recent actions continuing to dispute the Arizona and Presidential election results after numerous legal decisions to the contrary is anti American. His actions ridiculed and shamed the thousands of workers and volunteers from all political parties that spent untold hours ensuring our elections occurred efficiently and accurately and he attempted to disenfranchise Arizona voters. Shame on him.

Further, by taking his fraudulent message in person to the rally in Washington DC January 6 he is complicit in the resulting insurrection, in the deaths and injuries of Americans and untold physical destruction to our capital building.

In my opinion his actions are treasonous and display a lack of ethics, morality and decency befitting a government representative who is charged to uphold our laws and constitution not break and ignore them. He is unfit to continue to represent us in our government and I hope our legislators have the fortitude to expel him.

Lex Herron

Sierra Vista

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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