After watching the impeachment hearings closely, I've concluded that our foreign policy is a disaster and our democracy is screwed.

I'm an Independent voter and I'm scared and outraged about what is happening to us.

Anyone who watched the proceedings and the testimonies from the highest quality, bipartisan, career professionals can only see that Trump is dripping with corruption.

Republicans Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan were an embarrassment to human decency, the way they treated the witnesses, who were trying to do the right thing for our country. Nunes' and Jordan's crass, blind rudeness seems to be representative of the Republican Party now. What has happened to the GOP?

If and when the impeachment trial occurs in the Senate, Sen. Martha McSally must vote to remove Trump. Any other action would prove that she values her party over her country and is a hypocrite. What does she want her legacy to be?

Duane Richardson

Picture Rocks

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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