Letter: Trump is playing chess with Congress and the Constitution

Letter: Trump is playing chess with Congress and the Constitution

The administration’s on-going game of chess against Congress is degrading.

The president and his buddies, Steve Mnuchin, Stephen Miller, Jared and Ivanka, have figured out a plentitude of ways to bypass Congress, the Constitution, the budget and the people.

They cut taxes on the wealthy and corporations, truly believing that those people would create jobs. Nope. They used the tax savings and bought more of their stock every time the president created a “manufactured crisis” to make the stocks go down. Then they bought low and got richer, until the next “fake crisis.”

Now, the president demanded major increases in defense budgets, promising health care budgets would not be affected by that increase defense and cuts for the rich. Nope. He is using money from defense increases for his wall, which is already being penetrated by $5 ladders, $100 portable saws and the wind. The number of refugees crossing the border where the walls have been placed have doubled in number.

We need immigration reform, not Executive Orders.

Sheldon Metz

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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