Letter: Trump isn’t big enough for the real job

Letter: Trump isn’t big enough for the real job

Trump isn’t big enough for the real job

Where does Trump put the largest chunk of his time? Playing golf.

Some estimates are that 20% of his time is spent on the golf course.

Judging from what we see of those efforts, he isn’t very good at that, either.

In fact, Obama could take him left-handed!

We might ask the question - What kind of return are we getting for those massive public expenditures on transportation, security, caddy fees, new balls, etc.?

The best answer might be - As there isn’t anything in his toy chest that in the least prepares him to do the job of leader of our country, the safest investment for everyone on planet Earth is to keep him playing golf.

When we finally see the bill for years of Trump’s golfing truancy, it will still (probably) be cheaper than a full-out war with the country-du-jour.

Play on!

John Ball

Green Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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