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Letter: trump's demise

Letter: trump's demise

President Trump strutted and swaggered his whirlwind term in office until he was stopped after one of his most theatrical flourishes. His project of destroying democracy came up short. Sowing discord did not work this time. It went too far.

And now, his troubles are just beginning. Many of his associates are abandoning ship, as will all vermin. He is also due for a frosty time in Congress and the Media. The law is already nipping at his heals.

There is a pleasure watching a giant flounder in the muck of his own making. Woe is him.

But of course, America must move on in our reconstruction of a broken nation. Soon, Donald Trump will fade and vanish, and leave only a dark mark in the history books. They will report that we almost fell victim to him and his machinations. Almost, but not quite.

Ron Lancaster

North side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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