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Letter: Vote for America!

Letter: Vote for America!

I treasure our freedom to speak and to vote in this land of my choice, especially when such are forbidden in the land of my birth. I am especially sensitive to inequalities and trends toward inhumanity and tyranny. The way our government treated the poor, the needy and the oppressed since 2017 is especially appalling, for it opposes the moral law of “loving your neighbor as yourself”. If you think spiritual values are irrelevant in politics, then consider someone who has 1) announced to the world that dictator Putin of Russia is to be trusted more than our FBI; 2) misled us in the onslaught of COVID-19, causing more deaths than all the US military killed in all the conflicts since the Korean War, while intensifying and prolonging the pandemic; and 3) sowed distrust in our electoral integrity and credibility, as the Russian agents continue their efforts. Is such a person for or against us (US)? Please be mindful of the danger ahead and vote for America!

Ke Chiang Hsieh


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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