It is frustrating to see the call for right-wing - or left-wing writers, not because I don't want a group of people to have their views exposed, but because of the assumption that we fall along a spectrum, like beads on a wire.

I'd like to hear from Democrats (like myself) who are uncomfortable with abortion, who maybe want limits but not to criminalize pregnant mothers, and who are concerned with the responsibility for the health of the newborn and support free drug treatment programs for expectant mothers.

I'd like to hear from Republicans who are disgusted with the corruption of the Trump administration, but perhaps who want to slash government spending rather than increase it.

I'd like to hear from recent immigrants about the challenges to democracy in their home countries - not a partisan issue.

We are so much more than a label.

Golda Velez

North side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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