Congress is at it again, in public. And as you may have noted, differences no longer demand an acceptable palette of mutual respect. Today, anyone’s language, painted with what appears to be hatred, vileness, bitterness, and vindictive, is looked upon as simply another form of contemporary art. The art of persuasion. Political style. Something to brighten up the canvas and outshine any opposing inspiration or intended point of view. The problem, aside from failures of accomplishment, is the influence the character of such civil discourse has on the attitudes of people with differing points of view. Wouldn’t you think it’s time to leave divisiveness to the tribes in Washington, DC, and for each of us, less anointed, to simply let our actions speak louder than words, words of truth and, above all, words of kindness? Maybe Congress will get the message. Wouldn’t that be a Thanksgiving!

Don Weaver


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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