The greatest threat to our Republic is leaders who deal in their self interest. The evidence presented to date, show explicitly that the Ukraine Saga was not about Anti corruption, which is in the Nations interest. It was an effort to discredit the findings of the Mueller Report and a political rival to the president.

We don't have all the evidence yet, what we have is clear that a Whistleblower and several officials have brought forth clear claims of self dealing by the president. We have witnessed cabinet officers assistance to keep We the People from ever knowing the situation had occurred.

Regardless of party, faithful support of the law and constitution are paramount for the Republic to succeed.

If the evidence is clear, we must encourage elected officials to act accordingly, to prevent the next self dealing president of any party from running roughshod over the Constitution.

If we were to rely solely on elections, the founders would not have created Impeachment.

Daniel Palanza

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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