After bubbling under the surface for many years, the dark side of our country has finally exploded into the light of day. Donald Trump is the champion of this underbelly of moral decay. He leads America's slouch toward the alt-right, dictator rich, movement that is becoming a world phenomenon. He represents all our prejudices and boiling resentments as the bold instigator of scorn for the 'other.'

Women beware. This is not a movement sympathetic to your concerns.

While congress squabbles, our regression continues apace rocking America's stability and reputation around the world.

Trump is a caricature, a standard bearer for what is low and unsavory and been waiting for release. His followers are what prop him up, and many are a fearsome bunch.

If he survives this impeachment and then is reelected, by hook or crook, this ill-wind will become a hurricane.

Ron Lancaster

North side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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