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Letters to the Editor April 13
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Letters to the Editor April 13

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McConnell and corporations

Sen. Mitch McConnell warned big business to stay out of politics, but he’s the most outspoken champion of the role of big money in elections by promoting the flow of undisclosed dollars to campaigns as a form of Constitution-protected free speech for corporations.

A report by Public Citizen, a Washington-based watchdog group, pointed out that state legislators across the country who have pushed for new voting restrictions have reaped more than $50 million in corporate donations in recent years.

Some of the listed big donors were Comcast, Phillip Morris, United Health, Walmart, General Motors, Verizon and Pfizer. It’s hard to understand the Republican Party that’s been committed to tax cuts and deregulation for decades doing anything that harms corporate interests in a meaningful way.

And after the Republicans in Congress cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% via the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, it’s hard to see Mitch doing anything to cut off the money supply to the Republican Party.

Clyde R. Steele

Oro Valley

Migrants at the border

The Border Patrol’s apprehension statistics go by fiscal year, beginning Oct. 1 to through September of the following year. Under Donald Trump for fiscal year 2020 (Oct. 1, 2019, to Sept. 30, 2020), the Border Patrol made a total of 405,000 encounters of undocumented immigrants at the border.

No month exceeded 55,000. Since Oct. 1, there have already been 551,000 encounters. Most have come since the Nov. 4 election.

I would argue that preceding months’ numbers ticked up because migrants believed, based on all the polls, social media, news reports, family members here, etc., that Joe Biden would be elected president and have a more liberal border enforcement policy than Trump, which has proven to be correct.

Just six months into FY 2021, and we have already surpassed apprehension numbers for all of FY 2020. Nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children just last month, who will eventually be dispersed into our school systems, most not speaking English and undereducated for their age.

Congratulations, Joe, you are getting what you wanted.

Tally McDonald


Biden an enemy to Constitution

The political system is a joke, and perceptions have been shattered. Americans have an illegitimate president with no loyalty to the people. He shows us every day why there was never any doubt.

Nobody will happily give up their inalienable rights because of a handful of people that have no self control. We the people remember 9/11 and the Patriot Act.

It’s concerning to see that at the first sign of opportunity, a governing body would so quickly toss aside the principles and values of the nation to supposedly protect the people. No rights are permanent according to Joe Biden.

I am looking forward to a red wave sweeping leftist politicians out of office. Get ready for the backlash you know is coming. It’s time for people to put aside fear and take to the streets again and to make their voices louder than ever.

The words “shall not be infringed” should be shouted from rooftops, guns and flags waving in unwavering support. Check your rights before someone takes them.

Kerry Moore

North side

How can we get Kerr?

What might it take to bring back Steve Kerr to coach men’s basketball at the University of Arizona? Could there possibly be a finer fit?

Susan VonKersburg Northeast side

Legislators and voter suppression lies

Anyone, especially any legislator, who says that they are supporting legislation to fix our election system because the current system is flawed is a liar. That is not the reason they are supporting the legislation. They are supporting the legislation because their candidate lost.

Phil Tygiel

Northeast side

Richard Fimbres deserves vote

Richard Fimbres is running for Ward 5 Council Member unopposed, again! There’s a reason for that. He and his staff are always so darn helpful. When the pandemic hit, the city turned off the Roll-Off dumpster program.

My neighbors in the Miles Neighborhood love those hulking things. They keep our homes and street trash free and safe. Unfortunately, Fimbres had to send an email and flyer around to give my neighbors the bad news.

But in two weeks, the city opened the program up again and we had our Roll-Offs on the streets in days. Richard, who is also my neighbor, got my notice and made things right without anyone asking.

And then there’s the time his chief of staff got a pothole riddled alley graded. Oh, and the free spay and neuter clinic …

So I suggest you vote for Richard Fimbres again for Ward 5 Council Member in the primary on Aug. 3, 2021, and again in the general election, Nov. 2. These days things don’t work well, except for Richard and his crew in Ward 5.

Peter Norback


Can’t keep taxing Mother Earth

Tax season is here, and we must all pay taxes. This is an unavoidable truth. Unfortunately, another unavoidable truth is Mother Earth is overtaxed. Her current rate is way too high.

We can’t keep withdrawing gas, oil and coal from the ground. Mother Earth is going broke. One thing we can do to avoid bankrupting, is put a price on carbon.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR-2307) does just that. This bill puts a fee on carbon. The fees collected go back to the American people each month. The smaller your carbon footprint, the more dividends or “carbon cash back” you get.

It’s time to give Mother Earth a tax break. Legislating for a carbon fee is the best gift we can give her. It not only will reduce CO2 emissions, create new jobs and improve health, but it will put money back into people’s pocket. I think Mother Earth will like that. Don’t you?

Maggie Kraft

North side

Sinema and her constituents

Senator, your job (in my view) is to find ways to assure that all American citizens are able to vote without having to encounter barriers.

If it is necessary to go to extremes to do that part of your job, then supporting your fellow Democratic and independent legislators in eliminating Republican obstructions is extremely important, particularly if you desire the support of me and others of my ilk (independent and conservative democrats).

Yes, eliminating the filibuster is contentious. However, if it is critical that you help to make it happen, then do it!

By doing so, you will help buy the time needed for changing public opinion at levels high enough to force the Republican Party to be more in tune with the significant number of the party’s constituents who desire it. When that happens, other options can be considered.

Terris N. Teale

Green Valley

Adia absolutely should apologize

Re: the April 8 letter “Why Adia Barnes should not apologize.”

This letter may be the most ridiculous and pompous I’ve read. Of course she should apologize for her coarse gesture and language. The coach is a representative of the University of Arizona (not some cage fighting organization) and a mentor to/for her team and young women (and gentlemen) who follow Wildcat basketball.

As such, she (and all others in like capacity) should be models of the best parts of our human natures — not the worst. To apply the bromide that Barnes’ behavior in that moment was OK because female students at the university use the F-word everywhere on campus is the sort of lame reasoning used by adolescents in defense of one thoughtless act or another.

In sum, the garrulous, mean-spirited letter is exactly why Ms. Barnes should apologize, to show the letter writer what grace looks like.

Gavin Kayner

Northwest side

Kudos to the Star’s photogs

Re: the April 8 letter “Thanks to the Daily Star sports team.”

I just wanted to ensure the photographers also receive recognition for their coverage of the sports teams and events. The recent photos of the Wildcats women’s basketball team’s advance through the NCAA tournament really captured the intensity, emotion, teamwork and skill of the participants.

I especially liked Mamta Popat’s picture of Adia Barnes’ extreme joy while hugging Aari McDonald on the cover page of the April 2 NCAA Extra Section.

It brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. Well done, Popat, Rebecca Sasnett, Kelly Presnell and Rick Wiley. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. Keep up the great work!

Dianne Lethaby

East side

Maybe the Dems need new name

As a patriotic veteran in his seventh decade, I’ve paid a bit of attention to history.

Recently we’ve seen lots of statues have to come down because of ties with slavery and the Confederacy, and there has been a clamor to rename places named after Confederates and slave owners.

New York was named after the Duke of York whose Royal African Company was the biggest supplier to the Americas of slaves. New York’s Martin Van Buren (the eighth president of the U.S.) founded the Democratic Party as a coalition of Southern slave owners and northerners willing to keep Congress from addressing slavery.

Seven Democratic Supreme Court Justices ruled that a Dred Scott, who was black, wasn’t a human being. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been trying to rid the halls of Congress of statues and portraits of many Confederates, who were all Democrats.

New York or Democratic Party: Which should be renamed first?

Dane Hall

Sierra Vista

A nation of sheep

It seems we have become a nation of sheep, following our chosen political party wherever it decides to take us.

Some won’t fly the American flag because that is seen as a conservative thing. Some refuse to recycle because that is what liberals do. Most wouldn’t dare criticize the policies of their party regardless of the issue.

Come on, people! No political organization or party is 100% right all the time. When they head off in the wrong direction, we need to call them on it. Think for yourselves and support doing the right thing. It is the American way.

Tony Banks

Oro Valley

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