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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: April 4

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The Pima Mine Road Recharge Project, which has five basins, is 15 miles south of Tucson. Rosemont Copper won approval to store 1,124 acre-feet of water annually for 10 years at the facility.

Electric cars and ‘zero emissions’

Re: the March 13 letter “Not technically ‘zero emissions.’”

While the letter writer may be correct regarding the “zero tailpipe emissions” of electric cars, electric cars have some advantages over cars powered by fossil fuels.

The technology of electric cars will evolve continually so that these vehicles will eventually reach zero emissions. This also will be true regarding the production of electricity; the production of electricity will eventually reach zero emissions.

The other point to realize is that cars powered by fossil fuels will never reach zero emissions. The sooner we reach zero emissions by cars, the better.

Craig Whaley

Oro Valley

Recharging CAP water

Re: the March 15 letter “Rosemont recharge of CAP water.”

Is Hudbay/Rosemont Copper Company’s plan to recharge Central Arizona Project (CAP) water at the city of Tucson/CAP facility on Pima Mine Road really a good idea, as a recent letter to the editor claims?

Consider this: Should Rosemont ever start its disastrous mine, they have a state-issued permit to pump 6,000 acre-feet of groundwater each year. That’s enough water for about 63,000 people. Should Rosemont even receive its full CAP allotment, which is unlikely, considering the cutbacks proposed for Arizona in 2022, at best it would recharge 1,124 acre-feet per year.

In other words, Rosemont would pump about five times the amount that would be recharged. That doesn’t sound like a good deal for Southern Arizona.

Stu Williams, Executive

Director Save The Scenic Santa Ritas


Appeal to Heaven flag inappropriate

Re: the March 17 article “Legislature should not be advancing religious views.”

I appreciated Sen. Stahl Hamilton’s op-ed regarding our Arizona Legislature advancing religious views. I agree that separation of religion and government is crucial to lawmakers and faith leaders alike (the senator is both). So why is the “Appeal to Heaven” flag prominently displayed since January in the second floor lobby in our State House building in Phoenix? Also known as the Pine Tree flag, it was proudly waved in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Why is this Christian Nationalist flag allowed? Does it indeed represent white supremacy and racial subjugation as per the TOW Center of Columbia University? Who authorized the display of this flag? Isn’t it against the state Constitution (Article XX) to display a religious flag inside a government building? Doesn’t this also violate the U.S. Constitution’s Establishment Clause to display an overtly religious symbol in this manner? So many unanswered questions.

Mary Ganapol


Putin, Trump are the same

It’s becoming more clear that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are cut out of the same sorry cloth. Trump seems to have a fixation for Putin, calling him “a genius” for invading Ukraine. Both of them live in their own version of reality. Putin says he’s “liberating” Ukraine from a Nazi regime, and Trump still claims to have won the election by a landslide. Putin has clamped down on the press, and like Trump, feels they are the enemy of the people.

Now Putin has taken a page out of Trump’s playbook by holding a huge rally to feed his fragile ego. My Republican friends and neighbors need to consider very carefully what kind of country they want to have. Our march down a very slippery slope is starting with Republican-controlled states taking away voting rights, and by holding these sham “election audits.” We had four years of a Putin wanna-be. Let’s stop this craziness.

Mary Zimmerman


Election trust

The Republicans don’t trust our election system. So, in state after state, they are making changes to it that will surely cause Democrats and independents to not trust it as well. I have no idea where this is heading or what the final result of all this lack of trust will be. The one thing I am sure of is that my vote will certainly be counted … if the Republicans want it to be.

Darel Mayo

East side

AZ tax dollars, the wall

The Customs and Border Protection accounting office has shared that over the past three years, the Mexico border wall built under then-President Trump has been sawed through over 3,200 times by drug and people smugglers using inexpensive equipment. It has cost the U.S. federal government with our taxpayer money over $2.6 million to repair the holes.

Please also note when any state sends its own National Guard troops when it is not declared a federal emergency, the state taxpayers foot that bill for salaries and transport as well as food and shelter for the National Guard troops.

Don’t get snookered by another developer, voters.

Dr Pamela Farris

Oro Valley

A more informed voter

I’ve been in Tucson long enough to remember going to the polls in person to vote, but when in 1991 the Legislature allowed Arizonans to request a mail-in ballot for any reason, I’ve voted that way ever since. It’s made me a more informed voter. Previously, I was often unprepared when I got into the voting booth and didn’t know anything about some of the candidates. Now I receive the ballot ahead of the election and research all the options and issues before making careful decisions.

Dear Arizona legislators: Please stop trying to change a voting system that has worked very well for over 30 years.

Kathryn Steiner-Callahan


Such shabby support

I can’t connect Biden’s urgent call for fighting this “great battle for freedom: between democracy and autocracy, between liberty and repression, between a rules-based order and one governed by brute force” with the U.S. and NATO’s reluctance to give Ukraine the weapons it begs for, that are needed to stop Russian bombs from falling on civilian homes, schools, hospitals, and civic buildings.

Yes, the West should fear nuclear war. So should the East. Whether Putin is totally rational or partially insane, there is no credible scenario that he would allow his country to be polluted with nuclear fallout just because the Uks are downing his bombers before they can discharge their load of destruction and death.

David fights Goliath with one hand tied behind his back, and whenever the Big Guy bloodies his face, we shout, “Atta boy, David! Take another one for democracy, liberty and the rules-based order!”

Is that how to answer what President Biden has called, “the test of all time”?

Bruce Joffe

South Tucson

Self-serving politician?

Enough already, Sen. David Gowan! Your past ethical lapses, introduction of striker bills, persistent legislative shenanigans, and specious arguments equating dishwashers to legislators — all in search of higher pay or extended term limits — speak volumes of your motivations. If serving in the Legislature doesn’t provide the rewards you seek, then find other employment.

Sheldon Clark


Modern streetcar vs. street fair

I know the City Fathers (and Mothers?), if they exist, have brains and can look down the road 10 or 20 years, and can foresee that the Sun Tran Modern Streetcar that was “dropped” in Tucson amid much controversy, was a possible problem, after someone decided its final route.

Fourth Avenue, where the Street Fair sets up its boring, matching white tents, twice a year, was I guess a logical place to lay some of the track. But of course the MSC (modern streetcar) must give way to the all-powerful, money-grabbing Street Fair for the sake of cash and capitalism. And besides, who cares about the trolley anyway? No one rides the streetcar; Oh, I forgot all rides are free because of the pandemic. So now everyone can ride, not just “essential” Tucsonans, like during the 2021 pandemic, but even the homeless can jump on the streetcar now. But don’t forget your mask.

Kenneth Unwin

East side

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