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Letters to the Editor April 6
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Letters to the Editor April 6

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Arizona to give Pima County go-ahead for FEMA vaccine site

FILE — In this Dec. 2, 2020, file photo, Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey arrives for a news conference to talk about the latest Arizona COVID-19 information in Phoenix. Ducey is prohibiting government mask mandates and allowing bars and nightclubs shuttered for months to open their doors without restrictions. Ducey’s move Thursday, March 25, 2021, leaves in place few of the restrictions he implemented to curb the spread of the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, Pool, File)

Stakeholders excluded from Reid Park talks

In 2014, Expand Reid Park approached city leaders with concerns over the future of Reid Park. Chief among these concerns was our realization that zoo expansion would eventually result in the removal of fee-free park space from the Public Trust.

Starting in November, ERP has worked tirelessly alongside other organizations to rally Tucson’s families to force an inclusive dialogue to explore alternatives to the zoo’s current expansion plans.

Groups like the Tucson Audobon Society and various neighborhood organizations were contacted, many of whom were unaware of plans that would critically modify the character of Reid Park and displace it’s wild residents.

This hard work resulted in a 45-day pause in the project to gather stakeholders to explore new and exciting ideas for the future of the zoo and park.

Unfortunately, neither ERP nor the Tucson Audobon Society will be included in this process. Due to criteria as yet disclosed by the city, neither organization has been invited to participate, depriving the other stakeholders of our combined knowledge.

Peter Polley

Northwest side

Stop showing your ignorance, Gov. Ducey

Our governor is once again flaunting his ignorance at the expense of more Arizonans’ lives. What’s the rush, I wonder? Is it really so difficult to wear a mask, or allow others some personal space?

Why risk the possibility of another surge in COVID cases? Let’s get more people vaccinated and evaluate its success. Do we have to be No. 1 in cases again?

Why don’t you poll the people that have lost loved ones, or how about the nurses and doctors who had to see them die? How about a little common sense and some regard for the individuals who will now be unprotected as they have to provide services to individuals who have little regard for the welfare of others.

Elizabeth O’Harra

North side

Barnes owes her players an apology

Adia Barnes refuses to apologize for using an inappropriate gesture in front of her players. If, in fact, she wants to be a role model for her youngsters, the gesture was certainly inappropriate, and an apology is definitely in order. If not to the public, at least to her players.

Ken Wright

East side

Downtown needs more restrooms

As snowbirds from Wisconsin, my husband and I discovered Tucson for the first time this year. We fell in love with the weather, the bike and mountain trails and the ethnic food restaurants that provided takeout options. We will come back next winter and plan to enjoy cultural events such as plays and concerts.

My only concern with Tucson is the lack of restroom access in the downtown area. During a trip into the downtown, we planned to eat in an outdoor venue and view some important architecture but could not because we could not find a place to relieve ourselves.

After trying three different places that included gas stations, we even tried to order food at an outdoor restaurant that had a restroom, but we were told we could not use it. So, we left without placing an order and went home.

Would the city consider providing public restrooms? As humans we need places to go to the restroom.

Margaret Langer

Northeast side

It’s all up to Ducey now

Will Arizona Gov. Ducey turn fascist and sign un-democratic attempts to suppress voting in our state, or will he have the good sense to be a supporter of democracy?

Is Arizona going to fall to the fascist legislature trying to kill freedom of citizens to vote and overturn the decision of voters? Sad indeed.

Donald Shelton

Northwest side

Place Ducey where he cannot cause harm

I really wish Gov. Ducey would go back to running a chain of ice cream shops. That way, there would be less harm than letting him oversee Arizona’s response to COVID-19.

Exhibit 1: Ducey and State Health Director Dr. Cara Christ reject proposed FEMA vaccination sites. Why? We need more doses, not more sites.

What? Do you think FEMA will set up more sites, and not bring any vaccine? Then, when it is discovered that thousands of appointments are going unfilled, the vaccine is opened to all ages 16 or older.

Did Ducey and Christ ask why the appointments went unclaimed? Answer: Not everybody can get to Tucson. Pima County took up the slack, inviting a FEMA vaccination site. One in Green Valley maybe?

Lastly, Ducey, learning nothing from his previous folly, abolished mask restrictions. It’s like deja vu all over again.

Richard Sipan

Green Valley

Mask mandates are madness now

For a year now, we were informed that a mask and social distancing was mandatory to protect everyone from the COVID-19 pandemic. Former President Donald Trump promised the American public that he was fast-tracking a vaccine to counteract the virus, which he did, thankfully.

I was under the impression, along with the vast amount of the country’s population, that once we received our vaccination we could eliminate the mask and get back to living a normal life.

I received both of my vaccinations in February, and I am now being told by the (so called experts) that I should be wearing two masks. When does this madness end?

Dennis Jacobsen

Oro Valley

Nice to see someone challenging GOP leaders

Re: the April 2 article “Pima County Republican Beard spearheads campaign for chair revote as feud escalates.”

As a longtime independent, I have longed for someone to stand up to the backward thinking in the state Republican leadership.

Tim Steller’s column in Political Notebook on April 2 summing up Bill Beard’s suing the state party over Kelly Ward’s “victory” in the state party leadership elections was welcome reading.

I am not a fan of the two-party political system (I would like to see a viable third party arise out the moderate middles of both parties), but the lack of intelligent thought by the right-wing of the Arizona Republican Party has driven me to the arms of the state Democratic candidates more often than not.

When the state Republican Party starts putting up candidates who have intelligent responses to the issues facing us today, maybe they won’t have to worry about the hemorrhaging that is leading them to lose so many elections.

Brian Johnson

West side

Congrats, Cats; you are amazing

You had an amazing run! You should be proud of what you accomplished in the NCAA tournament. Far beyond everyone’s expectations. Great job! Congratulations!

Dean Pielstick


Smiles are great; ventilators are not

Re: the April 4 article “Mandate’s end doesn’t mean masks are canceled.”

Jonathan Hoffman did a disservice to the community with his column on mask mandates. He describes himself as a mask skeptic but went along with wearing one as it made others feel comfortable and maybe did some good.

Mask wearing doesn’t just make others feel safe, it actually can keep them safe from others who may be infected as Hoffman suggests he was. Despite his own apparent illness and the lengthy hospitalization of a friend, Hoffman describes the happiness of walking into a store where both he and the owners chose to be maskless.

They could see each other’s faces and smiles. This despite Hoffman’s friend having a “long haul” recovery. It’s still better for the near future to see other’s faces with masks on rather than through a ventilator because you are a skeptic.

Rick Unklesbay


Hoffman column full of selfish ideals

Re: the April 4 article “Mandate’s end doesn’t mean masks are canceled.”

Jonathan Hoffman espoused a selfish and dangerous perspective that promoted “in-person human contact” in the midst of continuing health concerns. He described his friend working in a store where no one was wearing a mask, saying, “I’m glad the mandate is gone.”

Hoffman ended his piece by saying, “The future will be guided by free people who take responsibility for their choices, care for each other and come back together as a community.”

I share his desire for close contact with friends and family. We have been separated from our adult daughters and their families for over a year. Our church has yet to return to in-person services. We wear masks for all outings.

As long as people refuse to wear masks and practice social distancing, vulnerable people will continue to be at risk for contacting COVID.

How is risking the health and the very lives of our friends caring for them?

Scott Morris

East side

Time to revisit velodrome idea

Leave Barnum Hill and the Reid Park duck pond alone. With over 40 golf courses in greater Tucson, we could afford to use one of them at Reid Park for zoo expansion and other purposes.

If Tucson really wants a world-class facility, we can use this land to build a velodrome for bicycle racing, recreational riding and a training center as well as for zoo expansion.

A world-class velodrome would be a unique addition to a city that is already known as a bicycling center. This would attract people from all over the country and other countries, provide children and adults with a healthy new recreational facility, boosting the Tucson economy and making money for the city of Tucson.

Pima County rejected a bond issue to build a velodrome in 2015 with only 27% of registered voters voting. It is time to revisit this idea. Tucson does not need a world-class zoo, but we can still be world class.

Kent Solberg

North side

The facts on masks remain the same

The continuous discussion regarding the use of masks leaves members of our family cold. Nothing has changed in our understanding of the facts. We mask, and many times double-mask wherever we go.

We will not support businesses that do not post and enforce the use of masks for all employees and patrons. And yes, we are all fully vaccinated too!

Alan Barreuther


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