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Letters to the Editor Aug. 7
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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Aug. 7

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Science seems inconsistent

Re: the July 30 article “Biden applies vaccine pressure.”

Has common sense taken a vacation? President Joe Biden claims to rely on science to justify his actions (referring to the CDC guidance as science). The CDC has flip-flopped its advice on wearing a mask in public numerous times. At first they told Americans to not wear a mask, then to wear one, to wear one if not vaccinated, and now they are talking about requiring all Americans to wear a mask whether they have been vaccinated or not. Now, there has been an outbreak of breakthrough coronavirus cases in Provincetown, Massachusetts, which has affected 75% of vaccinated people.

President Biden is talking about requiring all federal employees to wear masks or get tested regularly, despite whether they have religious or medical reasons for not getting vaccinated. Common sense tells us that we should maintain social distancing and should wear masks in areas of delta variant outbreaks.

Victor Panizzon

Northwest side

Any chance justice will prevail?

I wonder how history will judge our infamous 45th president, Donald J. Trump. Four years of lies, hateful divisive rhetoric, misinformation, blatantly accepting the far right white supremacist cult and other assorted extremist groups (QAnon, Proud Boys, etc.) and last but not least, (in my opinion) his orchestrating the Jan. 6 insurrection attempt on our Capitol in Washington and denying any and all impending charges — and throw in his extramarital affairs plus his figure-fudging tax filings for good measure. With so much proof of wrongdoings, Trump should be found guilty as charged. Will Trump’s evil doings bring any punishment? In these crazy, dangerous times, nothing surprises me!

Herb Stark


Facts that can save lives

Doctors and teachers of medicine are advising that the COVID-19 vaccine helps in blunting clinical illness.

While those who have had the shots could still get the virus, the statistics show it will be a mild rather than a deadly case. Remember, even the life-saving polio vaccine was not 100% foolproof, but it stopped an epidemic and saved millions of lives worldwide. Trust those doctors and scientists who have spent their entire professional life studying a COVID-type virus and other infectious diseases.

Scientific experts from prominent institutions should be your only source to follow when deciding whether to get the vaccine.

Don’t be fooled by very persuasive conservative media outlets. It could cost you or your loved one their life.

Those who have been studying this deadly virus think that wearing a mask is a protection not only for you but for family, friends and even strangers. Please, follow the advice of learned scholars who are immersed in finding out the facts of this disease.

Joanie Rose

North side

Sudden Republican conscience

The sudden emergence of Republican conscience and empathy is a perverse joke.

“Perhaps it’s time to accept that Trump lost.” “Maybe that Arizona audit is a problem.” “Ya know, this COVID thing is real, get the shot!” (That one is usually given from a hospital bed.)

The Republican party and all its current messaging is a monster that Republicans have been building for decades. As long as something gives them more power, I think Republicans have embraced it.

The current outcries from Republicans are disingenuous, self-serving and, as usual, only delivered after the very thing they have been promoting harms them personally.

Republicans built the Republican party cheering its awesomeness every step of the way; they need to stop asking others to rescue them from it.

David Reynolds

East side

Ariz. government vs. masks in schools

Gov. Doug Ducey and Republican legislators prohibit rational measures against COVID in schools, like mandatory masks, and show a willingness to sacrifice the health of Arizonans on the altar of extremist conservative ideology. They view actions for the common good and general welfare as dreaded socialism.

Ducey’s childish “lockdown lobby” words contrast with the universal truth and mature wisdom of the writing of early 17th century English poet and theologian, John Donne, that says: “No man is an island, entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main … any man’s death diminishes me … therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

These days of COVID show us John Donne’s truth that no man is an island, despite what Ducey says.

Ronald Pelech


How to get away with murder

Want to get away with murder? Get elected as a state legislator, governor or president. Then vote or mandate against mask wearing and other intelligent practices to avoid COVID infection. You know people will die by doing so, but they’re “other” people; so what? Power and control and ego gratification, plus some bribery from commercial interests, are your rewards. There’s also some conservative ideology about government not telling people what to do — isn’t that a bit odd, considering? All the regulations controlling behavior and thought are conservative-made.

Despite the self-protections legislators have granted themselves to be shielded from their official acts, it’s time to challenge such by suing them for causing specific deaths, loss of companionship and punitive fines for loss of income. Anti-vaccinators should face the same processes when they are tracked to be the source of one’s illness and death. ‘Tis murder.

Charles Larson

Green Valley

Do right thing for DACA folks

Dear Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly: Please use your good offices to deal with the DACA folks in our country by co-sponsoring legislation to create a legal path to American citizenship. It should deal only with this group, leave the other immigration issues to be resolved elsewhere. No more platitudes, no more bipartisan stalling just go do it because you know it is the right thing.

Michael Judd

East side

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