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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: July 21

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Election 2022 Congress Tennessee

Campaign signs are posted outside a polling location on the first day of early voting July 15, 2022, in Nashville, Tenn. GOP lawmakers redistricted the left-leaning city early this year, splitting its one seat into three to help Republicans gain a seat.

Energy crisis

Recent events and news reports are highlighting the need for the president to declare an energy crisis. As politicians looking for re-election continue to pressure regulators to accelerate unreliable wind and solar energy using mandates and “incentives,” our once robust and reliable energy system continues to decline. Unrealistic time frames for implementing “green energy” have been blown up by unavailability of material and products and inevitable construction schedule delays. At the same same time we are working to reduce our CO2 emissions, China, India and now Europe are increasing their carbon emissions to provide power for their population and industry.

Modern nuclear power technology using smaller more modular plants are starting to make headway. By declaring an “energy crisis” the president could provide the federal funds (our tax money) necessary to increase the speed of putting more reliable “firm power” on-line to shore up our deteriorating electrical infrastructure. This could help avoid the brown-out problems common to California and Texas from spreading to the rest of the country.

Calvin Rooker

Northwest side

Democracy is a way of life

I am 96 years old, and in my lifetime, the Republicans produced the Great Depression, The Great Recession and Trump.

I have “split my vote” when the time demanded it, such as Dwight Eisenhower as president, and local and state elections.

My generation was decimated defending democracy.

Now the present generations of Americans must be patriots in defense of democracy because an insidious movement to deny the right to vote has infected the Republican Party.

Political party is an affiliation, while democracy is a way of life for patriots.

Billy H. Conn, PhD, WWII Veteran


Used solar panels are dangerous

The Los Angeles Times just ran an article about how used solar panels present a danger and destruction to the environment. The story detailed how in the early 2000s the state of California provided financial incentives for residents to go solar by purchasing roof-top panels. The problem is that they have a 25-year-life span and are extremely difficult to safely environmentally dispose of. Those panels are coming to the end of their life span.

Many panels end up in local landfills and contain toxic heavy metals and can contaminate groundwater. They are considered as hazardous materials. Recycling of panels is difficult and intricate, needing to separate the aluminum frame and junction box from the panel without shattering it into glass shards.

Millions of solar panels have been installed across America and they, too, will one day need to be replaced. Similar problems exist with disposing of electric vehicle batteries containing heavy metals. These new hazards to the environment are the consequences of implementing green energy policies.

Ardel Francis

Northwest side

Between the lines?

Did you ever try to park between the white lines in a parking space/lot and find that those places are just too narrow? When your door, on exiting, either hits the neighboring car door, or mirror, then it can get very embarrassing, especially if there is a driver or passenger in that vehicle. In North America, standard parking spaces can range from 8.5 to 9 feet wide! But a smart car or a Hummer can be quite different in width.

When a developer or strip mall owner wants to get more shoppers/people into their places of business/apartments or hotels, they will put the parking “spot” white lines as close together as possible. I didn’t measure any parking spots today, but may do just that if I remember to bring a tape measure with me real soon. In Tucson, drivers look for shade trees now, for coolness.

Kenneth Unwin

East side

Which law came first?

Political lying has gotten way out of hand.

I am wondering how so-called religious people can justify breaking God’s law passed down through Moses. Slandering our neighbor. This is a sin against the ninth commandment in the Christian faith.

Many people think the First Amendment gives U.S. citizens the right to lie, as they believe the First Amendment is absolute.

If you file a false police report, you are charged with a crime.

My question is “What comes first, God’s law passed down thousands of years ago or man’s law passed down 246 years ago?”

Kathy Audelo

Northeast side

Decisions and consequences

Sen. Manchin,

You claimed during a recent interview that your allegiance is to West Virginians. I beg to differ and urge you to reconsider your rationale for voting against fellow Senate Democrats’ climate action proposals.

Your allegiance is not to West Virginians. The majority of Americans polled repeatedly favor legislation addressing climate change. You have taken more campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry than any other senator, per New York Times reporting. Your family benefits greatly from its dirty coal interests. It appears your personal profiteering from fossil fuels outweighs representation of your constituents.

You seem to revel in your pivotal power position, the deciding vote for much Senate legislation. Meanwhile, your lack of a critical deciding vote is costing the U.S. its global leadership role and credibility with immediate action to reduce the climate crisis’ worst effects.

Your singular focus on the inflation issue pales in comparison. Decisions based on power and self-interest will have dire impacts on our planet, which includes you and your loved ones, too.

Barb Reuter

Southeast side

Marco Lopez for governor

Re: the July 18 article “López touts work ethic in run for gov.”

As a centrist Democrat I was elated to read the profile of Marco Lopez, Democratic candidate for nomination as governor. Coming from a humble background, Lopez embraces the work ethic and cherishes the value of education and decisively focusing on translating one’s dreams into reality.

In his late teens Lopez relocated to Washington, D.C., where he served as a page for Arizona Rep. Ed Pastor while actively supporting Al Gore’s run for the presidency. Later he returned to Arizona, where he served as a key advisor to Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano on Mexican and Latin American affairs. He subsequently followed Napolitano to Washington upon her appointment by President Obama as Secretary of Homeland Security.

I urge all readers to read the Star’s July 18 profile on Marco Lopez and to actively support his bid for nomination as our Democratic candidate for the governor’s office.

John Newport, Ph.D.

Northwest side

UCLA vs. Rutgers

The UCLA football team is a lot of very large men to fly commercially to play Rutgers in New Jersey. Perhaps, because of their size and numbers, they will fly via a charter airplane. In which case, because of Title IX, any women’s team should also fly charters.

Paul Blumentritt

Northwest side

Arizona candidates

Approximately two years ago, I became a registered independent voter because I believed both parties were irreparably broken. The latest campaign ads have only reinforced that belief. Karrin Taylor Robson and Kari Lake, both Republicans, have contributed to Democratic causes and candidates in the past. If another candidate has better ideas, why not applaud that bipartisanship? Similarly, why is it a detriment if Sen. Mark Kelly overwhelmingly supports Democrats 97% of the time? The only criteria for voting should be which candidate has the best platform to benefit Arizona.

Charles Schultz

Northeast side

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