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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: July 28

Former President Donald Trump points to the crowd as he arrives to speak at a Save America rally last week in Prescott Valley. Thousands of donors have given $1.51 million to the Save America PAC, according to federal election data.

Power lines on Campbell

No one (except TEP and the Tucson City Council) seems too thrilled with new power lines strung up and down Campbell Avenue. And TEP has decided that us rate-payers don’t want to foot the bill to underground them. $70 million dollars is a lot of money. And there are a lot of customers, about 538,000 in Arizona, with probably 80% here in Southern Arizona.

I don’t know about the rest of the Southern Arizona customers, but I figure my share of $70 million is a little over $160. Amortize that over five years and that’s about $3 a month. I wouldn’t be thrilled with that, but I’d sure pay it. And keep it going past five years to start burying some of the rest of TEP’s blight.

P.S.: Fortis’ website brags about the nice dividends they pay shareholders, and the featured image on that page is Tucson’s beautiful skyline — without a power line in sight.

Howard Weiss


Rational gun regulations

I think reasonable people would ban AR-15s and other assault weapons. Gun lovers complain that such bans would violate their Second Amendment rights. Either way, it makes no sense to ban AR-15s or any named weapon because gun makers can change a basic design feature (say, its ammunition type), rename it (“AR-25”), or make an entirely new weapon, and, ipso facto, these weapons are not banned. Gun regulation should employ a process similar to government (FAA) certification of civilian transports, whereby manufacturers must apply for and receive a “Type Certificate,” (approval), before their airplanes can be put in service. A similar process for the gun lobby would require manufacturers to apply for and receive approval before manufacturing any weapon for the civilian market. Thus, if not “approved,” it’s banned. Until there are rational gun manufacturing regulations, every American town and city could be the next Uvalde or Highland Park.

Jack Graef


Perfect country song

I remember in the 1970s there was this song called the “perfect country western song.” It said mom, trains and prison needed to be used in lyrics. Republican ads are a take on it. Trump, the border, shooting guns and trashing your opponent are all staples of these ads. I want to hear about having enough water, power to run our homes and affordable housing for our children. What will you do about these issues?

Craig Miller

Northwest side

We the people deserve respect

Why is it that Gov. Doug Ducey and the Arizona state legislators don’t respect the will of the people? The Arizona Constitution Article II Section 2. reads: “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

In 2018, 65% of the voters opposed Proposition 305 that would accelerate expansion of school vouchers. This July, Ducey, ignoring the will of the people, signed the universal school voucher expansion into law.

In 2020, Proposition 208 added a surtax to incomes over $250,000, funds to be used for education. To subvert that, Ducey reduced the nominal tax rate. Result: no additional money for public education.

I believe Arizona’s Republican legislators resent the power of the people. They have repeatedly tried to increase the requirements for initiatives and referenda.

We the People had better get out in full force this election season and vote for candidates who will represent us and then hold them to it.

Leadawn Anderton

Southwest side

Biden, COVID-19 isolation

Presidential candidate Joe Biden spent almost the entire 2020 presidential campaign isolated in his basement. That strategy was a roaring success — he was elected president.

I read today that Biden has come out of isolation from his mild case of COVID-19.

I was hoping that Biden would remain in isolation for the duration of his term as president, with the expectation that his isolation strategy might help his presidency enjoy some success, too.

Alan Kohl

Northwest side

A plea to Arizona voters

A plea to Independents, progressive Democrats and Republicans who support democracy: As disgusted as you may be with the political shenanigans around us, this November is not the time to stay home in protest. In this political climate, the only way to get action on issues supported by a majority of Americans — free and fair elections, support for public schools, gun safety, reproductive freedoms and sensible climate legislation — is to elect a substantial (filibuster-proof) majority of Democratic candidates in November.

This election cannot be about electing Republicans or Democrats. It needs to be a course correction reaffirming democracy, both its institutions and its values. We have seen what Donald Trump and his supporters have done to erode both, and they will do it again at every level of government if they get elected again. We can compromise later on details, but we can’t compromise now. Preserving our democracy must be the first order of business.

Lynne Hudson

Northwest side

Trump-speak ‘persecution’

I caught some of Donald Trump’s comments on his recent trip to Arizona. The gullible crowd in back of him looked more bewildered than usual when he released the latest barrage of nonsensical thinking about being the most “persecuted” president of all time! The way he continued on this point could only make one believe that even though he touts being “for” the law and law enforcement, he doesn’t think any of his accused crimes (many documented with full audio and video) are not lawbreaking. He still believes he is above the law and none of it applies to him. Remember when he was so excited about Hillary Clinton’s emails and the chant at these events was, “Lock her up!”? As one pundit ironically noted, his rally cry has morphed to, “Vote for me so I don’t go to prison!”

Alan Barreuther


Save letters to the editor

Before your big boss cuts out local letters, I suggest he eliminate a page or two of national news. It’s almost a rerun of yesterday’s TV reporting which we have been treated to ad nauseum anyway. Instead, print a second page of letters to the editor. I have been really impressed with most of the logical and literate contributions. I would much rather read their fresh, if sometimes quirky, comments and I’d like to have more.

Susan Vonkersburg

Northeast side

Anyone can teach math

I’m 80 years old. I remember this encounter word for word, as if it were yesterday. I was a 14-year-old freshman at Catalina High School. I was taking algebra and fascinated that letters had value, but no clue how that could be. So, I approached the teacher at his desk. (To protect the guilty I’ll withhold his name.)

I posed my question with great curiosity. He hardly looked up. His reply? Sixty years later I remember this word-for-word — “What’s the matter, don’t you speak English?” No surprise, that was it for me and math. He’d never remember saying this and I’ll never forget.

Anyone can teach math? Maybe … but should they? No. Even being a great mathematician does not mean you might be a great teacher!

Emily Morrison


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