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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: June 4

Biden Coast Guard

President Joe Biden poses for a photo with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, left, Adm. Linda Fagan, Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, second from right, and Adm. Karl Schultz, right, during a change of command ceremony at U.S. Coast Guard headquarters, Wednesday, June 1, 2022, in Washington. Schultz, was relieved by Fagan as the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Biden supporters see just fine

Re: the May 14 letter “Biden supporters are blind.”

Perhaps the reason this author purports to only “see” Democratic points of view in the press is because the argument he makes is not only flimsy and unsubstantiated, but cold, callous and weak. He cites “raging inflation,” but fails to mention soaring job growth and the lowest unemployment rate in decades. He insinuates rising fuel prices as the fault of the Biden administration, but fails to acknowledge an illegal war perpetrated with barbaric cruelty forcing the disruption of global supply and international trade. He contends our border is “open,” but I contend it is more “humane.” As for his claim of undocumented individuals being distributed throughout the nation — pure hogwash. And the cynical criticism of relieving student loans simply to buy votes. If the author wants to see his viewpoint more in the press, he should cite facts and reduce snark. Maybe then he’ll be taken seriously.

Tim Kennedy

Oro Valley

Fitz’s opinion

Re: the May 14 article “In a lying world, we could use more ugly but honest people.”

My Point of View II, a lie!

Most people don’t think about the Anti-Christ. If they do, it’s probably some anthropomorphize version of a ghoul. Maybe the ‘Anti’ is nothing more than a fictitious idea or a lie. If truth and love are synonyms for God, and I believe they are, then liars and haters are killing God. My parents were separated. I was brought up in two different families, but both were horrified by a lie. I truly believe they would have thrown me out if I had lied. Today, it’s de rigueur. David Fitzsimmons with the Arizona Daily Star has stated it so clearly, so profoundly, I cannot add anything. I get sickened when I hear, “Well, they all do it!” No, they don’t all do it. Only the lost do it, and I have the power within me to send all lies to hell. May I always retain my parents’ loving advice, “Be honest, always!”

John Vaughn

East side

Outrageous rent hikes

I think rents in Arizona have gone sky-high because there is no rent control in this state. In fact, I recently learned rent control is against the law in Arizona.

I am a renter in Tucson. My wife and I sold our home last year to pay off medical debts. When our lease term was coming up for renewal we were stunned.

Our rent was increasing 19%! An increase of $350 a month!

We were not going to pay that. But we wanted to stay at the same complex.

We moved to a smaller unit for $1,650 a month.

Will our next lease increase 19% or more?

I think private investors are lining their pockets while causing housing instability and anxiety in Arizona renters.

Will Arizona come to realize how much renters contribute to the economy? And that renters’ housing stability is as important to us as homeowners? How many more veterans, elderly and young people will be homeless without rent control?

Shame on Arizona!

Robbin Miller

Catalina Foothills

Gun control

We have a question for our fellow Democrats about gun violence: Why are we negotiating from the issue’s middle, when the extremist majority party, the extremist majority Supreme Court, in concert with the extremist NRA, are intractable?

Listen to John Paul Stevens who said, “They (the protesters) should demand a repeal of the Second Amendment.” Let’s do it and bring both sides to the table for a fresh vision.

Howard and

Annette Baldwin

West side

Endless pattern

It’s that time again. Time for “our prayers are with you.” Time for inane, repetitive editorials about how we “must do something” about guns. Time for Congress people to avoid any mention of the subject. Time for endless letters to the editor saying just how terrible the last massacre was. Time to demand solutions that will never come. Time to demand solutions while not offering any.

Time to do absolutely nothing until the next shooting and then repeat everything again.

Robert Diedrich

Northeast side

Failing our children

Another week, another mass shooting — this time at Robb Elementary School. During past violent events we’ve often shared Mr. Rogers’ reassuring advice with traumatized children: “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Where were the helpers this time? We will learn much in the weeks ahead about the police response and its clear failure, but we should take a much broader look at who bears responsibility.

I’m hard-pressed to list all the ways we have failed our children, but not taking steps to come up with effective gun safety regulations at a federal level has to be the most egregious. We love our children; I believe we can all agree on this. But we are failing at the most basic level to keep them safe. According to a recent article in Scientific American, “More children die by gunfire in a year than on-duty police officers and active military members.” How can we continue to allow this? Where are the helpers?

Karen Lieneke


Bookmans: A Tucson gem

My bright light through the orange king, pandemic, the big lie, Arizona politicians who want to take away voting rights, human rights, women’s rights, and pro lifers (but in fact just pro fetus), no interest in gun safety … I could go on and on, has been and is Bookmans. Not only do you recycle and can receive trade credits, you are greeted and helped by an amazing staff of employees. I sometimes go with a list of books, CDs or DVDs I want, but often buy on impulse from the displays. I am always amazed at the wonderful, thoughtful and interesting displays on view. It is like a treasure hunt and I have found many items that I would never have read, watched or listened to if not for the choices of the staff. The displays are beautifully done. My hats off to the entire management and staff for giving me so many hours of entertainment as well as the pure pleasure of “the hunt” in store.

Sharon Winderl


Gun rights, responsibilities

Some Republican politicians won’t answer questions from journalists asking why the U.S. can’t stop gun violence. The politicians say the journalists have an “agenda.” Well, I think some Republican politicians have an agenda, too: More dead children. To do nothing is to maintain the status quo, and the status quo means more mass shootings, more dead children, more dead African Americans in churches and grocery stores and more dead everywhere.

Last week “good guys with guns” stood outside a classroom where a “bad guy with a gun” murdered 19 children and two teachers. What could have stopped the murders was if the “bad guy” didn’t have the assault weapon in the first place.

We need gun legislation, but first we need people who value owning a gun to say guns don’t solve problems. We solve problems by talking about them. If having guns is a right, as some believe, it is a responsibility as well.

Martin Plocke

Southwest side

Lives are not numbers

Kudos to the TV newscasters who show pictures of the victims and live interviews of their family and friends. If our legislators and the public in general see enough of these, rather than just numbers (“19 children and two teachers”), perhaps we would all get off our butts and insist that sensible gun control laws be passed. Human lives are not numbers.

Tom Henderson

West side

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