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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 10

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Green Fields School northwest of Tucson in 1968. Emphasis was on academics, though there was time for sports. Classes were often outside on sunny days. At that time, the student to teacher ratio was only 8:1.

Innovative education

Re: the Nov. 4 article "Innovative teaching model helps crowded classrooms."

Reading this article, I had to smile. In 1965, my assignment for student teaching was at a newly built round school in Greeley, CO, under a team of two teachers. The wall between classrooms slid back, allowing all fourth graders to be in one classroom. Knowing I would eventually teach in a self-contained room, I asked for a different assignment, but was encouraged to stay. The techniques I learned, along with their impact on classroom management under these two innovative teachers, was priceless. Students learned to be self-directed, made strides in thinking skills, became creative in their work, and accomplished learning material at an advanced level. This was especially significant because we had a diverse class, including children of itinerant workers whose families followed the crops, staying only a few months, many not fluent in English. To my benefit, these teaching techniques applied in all my self-contained "innovative" education success story in the 60's.

Linda Calandrella


Bankrupt values

Re: the Nov. 8 paid ad on page A3

Regarding the ad about those from Green Field school who deplore Blake Masters.

As a '78 graduate of GFS, it saddens me that Green Fields school went bankrupt.

During my years at GFS, our chief discussions were about foreign wars. Mr. Devito, my geometry teacher, told us how he avoided Vietnam by running till his knee earned him a 4F. Mr. August, a far-left leaning teacher from Harvard, asked us to go see "The Boys from Company C" so that we would understand the cost of war due to ideological beliefs.

Sen. Kelly is a warmonger, as is the Democratic Party, and too many in the Republican Party. That would, if I lived in Arizona still, make Blake Masters my choice for senator.

My GFS generation learned to "make love, not war." Why send billions to Ukraine when all Russia asked was for the West's war machine, NATO, to stay away?

I ask my fellow alumnus: "How many do you want to die because of your ideological values?"

Brooks Kelley

Former north side resident

Voters say

Re: the Nov. 5 letter "Ads by Citizens for Sanity are disinformation."

The Daily Star letter writer grasps at straws with tired fake memes in a last-ditch effort to rebrand progressivist failures. He's a day late and a dollar short. Arizonans have tried opening borders and emptying jails. They've realized that giving the same drugs sex offenders get puberty blockers to children without their parent's permission is child abuse. They know that screaming racism where there is none, is a divisive lie. Silencing dissent to stoke the liberal culture-steering machine is a dead end. Voters said so, so do I.

Bruce Curtis


Ecstatic cyclist

I recently returned from a two-week trip abroad, and when I rode my bicycle on my usual ride up the Catalina Highway, I was absolutely delighted to find that the Pima County's Maintenance Division of the Transportation Department had repaved a couple miles of the downhill lane between miles one and three, close to the bottom of the hill. Six to nine months ago, extensive repair work was done in this stretch to fill potholes, and other breaks in the pavement. But it left the road like a minefield for downhill bicyclists with a very rough road, and dangerous bumps (especially at high speed). Now that segment is repaved, and is smooth as glass! Thanks, Pima County, for taking care of this terrible situation, and improving safety for the bicyclists of the county.

Patrick O'Connor

Northeast side

75 foot rule

I have been peppered with text messages from various campaigns for weeks. Today, Election Day, I voted in person. While I was in the polling place, I received two campaigns' text messages.

How is this not a violation of the “75 foot rule”?

Max Atwell

Northeast side


Re: the Nov. 7 letter "Prosecute Biden."

Dear Editor,

The letter writer says that the attorney general should indict, prosecute, and convict a president for felonies. How about the treason committed by our former White House occupant? We have attorneys general who could not stop tobacco from killing us, could not put one opiate manufacturer and distributor in jail, could not stop plastics from destroying our air, land, water, and bodies. Happily, many of the criminal co-conspirators and accessories to crime from the last administration are already serving time. But why not the orchestra conductor of this sad, discordant symphony in American history?

PS. I am a lifelong Republican, in the voting booth since Goldwater. For me, country is more important than party and party is more important than a particular politician.

Dirk 'D.J.' Neyhart


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