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Letters to the Editor Nov. 12
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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Nov. 12

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Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar was facing criticism after he tweeted a video that included altered animation showing him slashing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with a sword.

Gosar off the rails

Re: the Nov. 10 article “Rep. Gosar’s ‘creativity’ is disturbing.”

Every state seems to have one Congressional representative who has gone off the rails. California has Rep. Devin Nunes, Texas has Rep. Louie Gohmert, but we in Arizona may have one who tops them all — Rep. Paul Gosar. I believe Gosar conspired with the Jan. 6th insurrectionists to attack the Capitol building. He recently posted an anime that showed him killing another representative and threatening the president with swords. He and his staff seem really proud of this. I wonder if they’d feel the same had some Democrat posted a meme threatening our former president with swords? I don’t think so. Gosar is so far from mainstream politics that his own brothers and sisters encourage his constituents to vote against him. Gosar is an embarrassment to our state, right along with the Cyber Ninjas. Arizona is a beautiful state, it is a shame that its beauty is marred by the likes of Congressman Gosar.

Rick Smith


Voter apathy

Re: the Nov. 10 article “Tucson’s low turnout shows election change still needed.”

I don’t always agree with Tim Steller but I do always read his column and today I agree with him 100%! People who either don’t care about things like council members, minimum wage, etc. or are just too lazy to pick up a pen and fill out a ballot should be ashamed. Only 31.7% of people eligible to vote actually did it? That’s pathetic! I agree with Tim something needs to change.

Frank Brown

East side

Gosar is another embarrassment to Arizona

Re: the Nov. 10 article “Rep. Gosar’s ‘creativity’ is disturbing.”

In the 1980’s former Gov. Evan Mecham’s fondness for words like “pickaninny” brought shame and embarrassment to Arizona. His cancellation of a Martin Luther King Holiday proclaimed by his predecessor Bruce Babbitt cost Arizona a Super Bowl and cost Mecham his job.

Rep. Paul Gosar’s posting of a violent video depicting the slaying of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does indeed “cross the line between Gosar’s usual lunacy and truly dangerous behavior.”

Although members of his own family campaigned against him, Gosar easily won re-election in 2020, and will likely hold his seat in Congress as long as he wishes.

It might not be fair to judge all Arizonans by the words of someone who represents one of nine congressional districts, but I doubt many non Arizonans will make that distinction.

William Thornton


Appalled by Gosar’s actions

Re: the Nov. 10 article “Rep. Gosar’s ‘creativity’ is disturbing.”

I am appalled that one of our elected officials put on social media that he wishes another elected official be killed! Rep. Paul Gosar is a disgrace to his party, to his friends, to his neighbors and to those who voted for him. This man is dangerous.

We do not need people like him representing us.

We the people.

Cecile Lanier


Grateful for the Child Tax Credit

It’s a difficult time to be a parent. Figuring out how to live in this new normal has been hard for everyone, but parents with young children have had to balance looking for work, with looking for safe, reliable child care options. I have had to help my kids manage masks and other mitigation factors at school while they just want to learn and play with their friends. I lost my job earlier this year and we had to make my wife’s income stretch. I want my kids to have the easiest childhood possible, but that’s a lot harder when only one person is making money. That’s why I want to thank Sen. Mark Kelly for fighting for the child tax credit. During a global pandemic, the last thing I want to worry about is putting food on the table for my kids. Having that extra money doesn’t just give them an easier childhood; it gives me some peace of mind in these difficult times.

Benny Gomez

West side

Climate solutions

What is a goal? The Oxford dictionary defines a goal as “an objective” and an objective as “something one is trying to achieve or reach.” So, a goal is something one tries to reach. Yet, the only way to reach a goal is through action. Talking is one action, but real action comes from doing something.

At the UN climate summit, there is a lot of talking. As Greta Thunberg said, “governments are still refusing to take any drastic climate action.” “The COP has turned into a PR event.” So, what action can our government take to address the climate crisis — putting a price on carbon. Carbon pricing puts a fee on fossil fuel pollution, which creates a level playing field for clean energy. Businesses compete to provide clean energy solutions reducing pollution fast and efficiently. So, what action can be taken? Call or write your representatives. Tell them to include carbon pricing in Build Back Better. The health and well-being of our communities and planet depend on it.

Maggie Kraft

North side

Paul Gosar’s video

Re: the Nov. 10 article “Rep. Gosar’s ‘creativity’ is disturbing.”

Two articles in The Arizona Daily Star on Wednesday were startling: one about the increase in violence in America and the other describing Rep. Paul Gosar’s anime video showing him stabbing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the neck. Gosar’s behavior is one of the reasons violence is increasing. As so-called leaders give verbiage to this kind of behavior, others will see it as encouragement to carry it out. Just like what was done Jan. 6, 2021 by a violently aroused mob. And Gosar was involved in that as well. He should be sanctioned by Congress and voted out by reasonable people in Arizona.

Diane Wilson


Have you no shame, Mr. Gosar?

Re: the Nov. 10 article “Rep. Gosar’s ‘creativity’ is disturbing.”

I am a 76-year-old white former registered Republican who just read of the posting by Rep. Paul Gosar of a cartoon version of him physically attacking a female colleague of his. I am appalled! Who is voting this man into his position of power in the U.S. House of Representatives? Who tolerates this behavior by him? Have you dear voters no shame?

Michael Judd

East side

Big corporations, give back

Hey big corporations, you’ve received 10’s of millions in incentives and tax abatements while Tucson Parks and Recreation is chronically scraping on a gum and adhesive tape budget. “Give Back” so facilities like swimming pools, tennis courts can be repaired and grounds restored to support people’s need of outdoor recreation now more than ever.

Hey Caterpillar, Tucson allocated 50 million dollars for your headquarters while the slopes of nearby A Mountain in Sentinel Peak Park are covered in flammable buffelgrass. Give back and help Parks and Rec restore Sentinel Peak Park.

Downtown developers with lavish Rio Nuevo grants — give back.

Amazon, reportedly you don’t pay income taxes needed for public infrastructure. Give back.

Big corporations, you’ve received large sums of public funds so be a part of the community and give back! Tucson Parks and Recreation that supports public health is a great place to start.

Candace Charvoz Frank

West side

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